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Alliance Property Management provides a wide array of services to you the investor/owner. From the initial leasing procedure to the full management of your property, we provide the services necessary to provide an easy, but complete property management experience.

Our services begin with the initial inspection and preparation of the property for leasing. We will also market the property through an extensive network of realtors, electronic and print media. Once this is complete, we will set out to procure qualified tenants for your property.

Our Services:

Market Analysis: Alliance will conduct a comprehensive market analysis prior to marketing your property, in order to obtain the maximum rental amount, with a minimal vacancy time.

Tenant Screening: Alliance qualifies prospective tenants by a thorough evaluation of their prior credit, criminal background, eviction, employment, and rental history.

Reporting: Alliance provides computerized monthly statements illustrating all activity including maintenance costs, rents collected and owner disbursement check analysis.

On-time Rent Collection: Alliance prioritizes timely rent collection. If necessary, we initiate proper and legal collection efforts.

Low-Cost Maintenance Services: In a timely manner, Alliance schedules, oversees, and inspects all client-approved property renovations, cleanings, and repairs as necessary.

Strategic Marketing Plans: Alliance utilizes state-of-the-art marketing procedures to ensure that your property is rented in a timely manner. Different types of properties prompt us to utilize the most appropriate and effective marketing vehicles.

Eviction Processing: Alliance serves required notices, files evictions, attends court hearings, and handles legal forced vacating in a timely manner.


Find out more about our services on our website or give us a call at (254) 870-0101.