Why Should I Use A Professional To Manage My Property?

While the reasons our clients choose professional management vary, here are some of the key reasons many people elect professional management over self-management:

  • We handle maintenance and emergency repairs, allowing you to sleep at night.
  • We enforce aggressive rent collection ensuring prompt payment.
  • We understand and apply the correct federal, stat, and local laws, keeping you and your investment safe.
  • We know the local market, have an extensive network of contacts, and have advertising resources available to us at discounted rates.
  • After you add the increased revenue we can often achieve, the discounts you’ll receive on vendors, you’ll often make more money than if you managed the property yourself!

Can I choose to Disallow Pets, Smokers, Large Families, Etc.?

We comply fully with the Fair Housing Act. This means that you cannot choose to disallow anyone that is a member of a protected class under the act. You can choose to disallow pets and not permit smoking in your home, but you cannot deny a service animal. If you have additional questions on the specifics of the Fair Housing Act, please contact us.

Do you Provide Me With A Report On My Property?

Yes, we will provide you a monthly report of rent and other income received, and maintenance, repairs, and other expenses incurred. This will be provided once a month.

What Do You Charge?

Our rates vary from 5% to 10%, with 8% being the most common. There are several factors that would determine the percentage charged, such as amount of rent to be collected, type of property, number of units or properties. Contact us for a NO obligation quote.

How Soon Can You Start Managing My Property?

We can start immediately. Once our office is contacted, we will send out via e-mail or fax a comprehensive and detailed package including a management agreement to start service immediately.

Do You Sell Real Estate Too?

Yes. However, the majority of what we do centers around property management. We do not actively seek sales. When the time comes, most of our clients will request that we either find them additional investments or list their existing rentals.

Who Holds The Tenant's Security Deposit?

We securely hold the security deposit per Texas State law.

How Do You Check Out Prospective Tenants?

In addition to verifying their current residence and employment status, we complete a detailed credit check and do an eviction check. We also require pay stubs and/or reference letters on a case by case basis. We only take certified funds at move in ensuring there are no bounced checks.

The Person I Spoke To On The Phone Isn't The Property Manager, Why Is This?

Handling multiple properties is time intensive and requires more time out in the field reviewing our properties than behind a desk. Regardless, there will always be a qualified staff member at the office that is available to answer questions, or direct you to someone who can address your needs. we then assign the property to the person we feel can do the best job.

How Long Of A Lease Do You Sign?

We generally do 1 year leases anything less will require a premium for monthly rents. However based on the owners request we are open to any length term of lease or month to month rental agreement.

How Can I Be Sure The Tenant Will Maintain My Property?

Being a landlord and having rentals is a ‘business’. With any business or investment there comes with it a certain amount of risk. The most realistic answer to the question is that you “can’t be sure” of anything. However, you can take the necessary steps to reduce your risk by using a property manager that checks a tenant’s background, makes them sign a solid lease agreement, and checks on the tenants periodically. It’s only a small percentage of people that will potentially cause harm to a property. On the other hand, there is also a small percentage of tenants that will go out of their way to improve the property like putting in landscaping footing the bill for painting, or putting in a patio or driveway. We have found that most people fall in the middle of this spectrum.

What Do You Charge When The Property Is Vacant?

The simple answer is: Nothing. We only charge a management fee on collected rents.